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Diamond tipped router bits - Diamond tipped saw blades - Diamond tipped hogger - Diamond tipped cutter - Mounting and clamping systems and Carbide-tipped tools, our tools are efficiently applied on all machines for manufacturing furniture.

The fast and reliable service team of PREWI combines the development, production, resharpening and delivery. We make sure that all tools are precisely sharpened and reusable on schedule. Our quality optimizes the durability of your tools. The precision and reliability reduces costs and ensures your manufacturing quality. In our service centers the most modern machines sharpen 24 hours a day.

About us

We at Prewi see ourselves as a system supplier with the desire to make your daily business more relieving.


Einsteinstr.11 - D-32052 Herford
Fon: +49 (0) 5221 970 - 00


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