ZS 30 Diamond tipped stepped hogger tornado TS

  • to size wood materials for ripping and cross-cutting
  • double-end tenoners, edge trimming machines etc.
  • wood materials raw and coated, e.g. chipboard and fiberboard (MDF etc.) raw, especially composite tool with face shear angle, reinforced body, gullet for chip evacuation away form cut (toward dust extraction) of the tool
  • height of the PCD tip: 6mm
  • RPM: max. 7.200 U min-1
  • standard values for feed rate vf depending on number of teeth z and RPM n:
    N=6000 RPM min-1
    Z-48 vf max. ~ 50m min-1
    Z-36 vf max. ~ 40m min-1
    Z-24 vf max. ~ 25m min-1
D mm B mm d mm Z Order No. right Order No. left
for hydro bushing, quick-release system 192
250 10 80 24(12+12) ZS30-25010-8024 R ZS30-25010-8024 L
250 10 80 36(18+18) ZS30-25010-8036 R ZS30-25010-8036 L
250 10 80 48(24+24) ZS30-25010-8048 R ZS30-25010-8048 L
for hydro bushing, quick-release system 160
250 10 60 24(12+12) ZS30-25010-6024 R ZS30-25010-6024 L
250 10 60 36(18+18) ZS30-25010-6036 R ZS30-25010-6036 L
250 10 60 48(24+24) ZS30-25010-6048 R ZS30-25010-6048 L

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