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Splitting up

DP saw blades and chippers for vertical and horizontal splitting up of laminate floor panels. Saw blades and chippers with and without hydraulically damped bushings from a cutting width of 1.8 mm and more are used.
HM tipped thin cut saw blades for manufacturing the covering layer and the mid-position for three layer parquet. Of course cutting widths of 1.2 mm and more, uneven partition, oxide coating as well as HM tipped scrapers form part of our delivery programme.


Prewi TWISTER chippers for the pre-chipping of laminate floor panels have set standards. Due to the construction in the form of a turbine blade the aggressive chip goods containing corundum are lead into the optimised TWISTER extraction hood. The life span of landing skids and transport chains will be considerably increased.
In the case of chipping of solid wood parquet the coarse chips will be lead away from the machine bed and into the Twister extraction hoods. Prints on the covering layer of chip goods lying on the chain will considerably be reduced.


The profiling of groove and tongue is very important for the quality of floor boards. The adjustable Prewi profile mill allows for setting the width of groove and tongue with a high-precision raster adjustment in the range of 0.01 mm.

Treatment of the covering layer

Prewi assembling milling cutters for the treatment of laminate floor with regard to cutting material, cutting widths as well as cutting geometry are always adapted to the corresponding material requirements. Both in the firmly equipped and in the segment version the high requirements with regard to the true running accuracy are being fulfilled.
For the parquet production we are manufacturing DP chipping machines with a high true running accuracy. For this application case we also make use of the Prewi TWISTER version so that the chips are lead away form the sensitive covering layer.

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