Extraction bell

...leaves an impression and no dust

The problem with working with processing centres is that the chips can not be extracted directly where they are produced. They lie on the work piece, in pockets, grooves and bores, and cannot be gathered by the extraction system. Dust is one of the biggest problems in the wood-working industry. PREWI’s contribution to a cleaner and more productive workplace is the Extraction bell. PREWI has developed a suction bell that uses the tool rotation to disperse the chips and dust which can then be extracted. Due to the hi-speed rotation a vacuum is created underneath the bell that causes even heavy chips from fibre cement boards to be extracted.

Your advantages with the Extraction bell

  • significant improvement of the dust emission, and thus the quality of the workpiece
  • your tool is spared, thus reducing the sharpening - and setup costs
  • by an air speed of up to 70 m / s, the energy supply of your machine extraction is reduced
  • available for almost all machine interfaces
  • very easy handling and installation
  • clean work environment
  • available with hydro- or collet chuck

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